Mein Auslandssemester im Norden Brasiliens

Sechs Monate Südamerika

Sechs Monate Südamerika, fünf Monate in Natal, vier Monate an der UFRN, drei große Brüder in der WG, zwei neue Sportarten erlernt und eine Sprache noch ganz nebenbei! Ich bin bereits Anfang August in Wien gelandet, habe aber bewusst einen ganzen Monat mit dem Schreiben gewartet, um nicht nur körperlich, sondern auch wieder seelisch in Österreich anzukommen.…

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Forum Gitarre Wien 2017

A report from the 27th International Guitar Festival

In the world of classical guitarists international festivals and competitions have become an important part of our lives. Preparing for a competition or master class requires a lot of motivation and hard work, which develop enormously our potential and talent. That is why I decided to tell you more about one of the best guitar festivals and for sure the largest in Vienna, to which I had the honor to be invited as a lecturer and performer.…

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A Tonmeister in Paris

Walking into a situation

I remember looking around at the tiny room I found myself in and thinking: “I like it”. It was my first apartment in the french capital. An airbnb for my first month, Januar, top floor, no elevator, one small room. The walls had music posters, two guitars were hanging on the wall next to an old typewriter.…

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