Attending the 60th anniversary of mdw’s Music Therapy program

Cheryl Dileo on the Erasmus Exchange program at mdw

Cheryl Dileo
f.l.t.r.: Thomas Stegemann, Cheryl Dileo, Eckhard Weymann

I am delighted and honored to have been invited to the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna through the Erasmus Exchange program. During the 5 days spent at the University, I was honored to participate in a number of events, including the Music and Morality conference and the conference honoring the 60th anniversary of the Music Therapy program at this university.

This is the oldest Music Therapy program in Europe and is highly esteemed throughout the world. Its graduates are well-known pioneers in music therapy, having made and continuing to make significant contributions to the field through clinical work, research and university teaching. I was very honored to be hosted by Professor Thomas Stegemann, someone whom I’ve known since his doctoral study days.

I was extremely honored as well to attend the launch of his newest book, “Ethik in der Musiktherapie”, co-authored by Dr. Eckhard Weymann. I had been asked to contribute the Foreword to this book, because I am also the author of the English-language book on music therapy ethics.

Besides presenting lectures, I was also happy to give a workshop on music therapy and pain management to a quite large group of music therapy professionals and students. I was gratified by the enthusiasm and positive responses to the workshop (see photo).

Cheryl Dileo

Lastly, I was very impressed by all of the current and future initiatives planned at the Music Therapy program at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. Certainly these clinical and research initiatives are at the cutting edge of progress in the field of music therapy worldwide. Again, I am grateful to have had this exceptional opportunity.

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