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“Travel improves the mind wonderfully, and does away with all one’s prejudices.”
Oscar Wilde, from “The Remarkable Rocket”

© Daniel Willinger

The over 3,000 students currently at the mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna come from over 70 countries – a decidedly international group.

And the accordingly intense exchange among students gives rise to all manner of experiences: ones that are instructive, exciting, funny, happy, even sad, but always valuable.
And the place to read about such experiences is right here.

By students, for students

Those who come to Vienna and to the mdw to begin a degree programme (or just spend a semester or two) have all kinds of things to tell us

Read about how young people from all over the world experience the university and the “City of Music”, tackling the unaccustomed challenges of Viennese everyday life and having lots of fun doing so. Or about the large number of Austrian mdw students who spend time abroad in places ranging from the USA to Australia and from South Africa to Japan.

But no matter whose travelogues you read, our authors always have two things in common: their passion for the arts and/or for scholarship, and a desire to tell people about their experiences.

Also highly mobile: our instructors…

Our professors and instructors are represented at numerous international symposia, master classes, and workshops.

Join them as they travel: read about what they bring back with them for their own teaching, what networks they get to know and learn to utilize, and what they think of the goings-on and standards at our partner institutions.

…and employees

In addition to our teaching personnel, our administrative employees are likewise busy networking. Staff training programmes provide them with opportunities to become acquainted with other educational institutions from the inside, to reflect on their own working environments in light of structures elsewhere, and also to refresh their foreign language skills.

We wish you inspiring moments as you read!

PS: If you study, teach, or otherwise work at the mdw and would like to share your international experiences with us, you’re cordially invited to do so!

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