“We wanted to be a role model, building a beautiful relationship that we hope will continue in the future”

mdw student Cadmiel Boțac on his projects for the SYLFF scholarship

Born in 1997, Cadmiel Boțac began studying in Romania at the age of 4. He won many national and international prizes and over the years gave concerts worldwide. In November 2021, Cadmiel Boțac’s debut album was released at the Radio Publishing House in Bucharest, a project initiated and coordinated by the Romanian National Radio.…

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First warm days in southern Sweden

An Erasmus teaching visit to the Högskolan för Scen och Musik (Academy of Music and Drama) in Gothenburg, Sweden, from 23 to 26 May 2022 At the invitation of Tobias Granmo, professor of violin and director of the Chamber Music Institute at the academy, I held a three-day workshop in non-idiomatic improvisation for students studying various instruments in the bachelor’s and master’s programmes.…

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My Teaching in Natal/Brazil

Eventful encounters at the university – and in the sea!

Since 2013, the theatre division of the DEARTS (Departamento des Artes) at Brazil’s UFRN (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte) and the Music and Movement Education/Rhythmics division of the Department of Music and Movement Education/Rhythmics and Music Physiology at the mdw have maintained various forms of exchange programmes; they were interrupted by COVID but have now been resumed.…

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With the EMMA scholarship to Chile

Maxim Tzekov has studied at the mdw with Lieke Te Winkel since 2015. His path took him from the Programme for Gifted Children to the Preparatory Programme and then finally to studying violin performance. Through the Young Masters Programme of the mdw talent lab and the Johann Sebastian Bach Musikschule, which supports talented young musicians in their career development, Maxim was given the opportunity to appear as a soloist at a concert in Santiago de Chile.…

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Finding motivation and inspiration in Amsterdam

A rewarding semester in the Pop Department

Paul Hartinger spent a semester abroad at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam during the 2021/22 winter semester. He is in the mdw’s MA programme in Music Education for Voice and Instruments, bass – Popular Music. He was the first mdw Erasmus student to study in the Pop Department of the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (part of the Amsterdam University of the Arts).…

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“It is impressive to gain an overview of the musical life of other students”

How one gathers international experience at the Global Conservatoire

Studying in London, New York, or Copenhagen from one’s base at the mdw: the Global Conservatoire opened its digital doors with a pilot course in the 2021 winter semester. The Manhattan School of Music (New York), the Royal College of Music (London), the Royal Danish Academy of Music (Copenhagen), and the mdw are cooperating in this multifaceted project in order to offer their music students a flexible online programme of courses with synchronous and asynchronous sessions.…

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Working together to lay the groundwork for music therapy in Ukraine

Improvisation and commitment in Lviv

It all began in such a casual manner, as is so often the case in Vienna: In 2018, the husband of a colleague called me and said that in Lviv they were looking for music therapists who would be willing to oversee the foundation of a training programme for music therapy there, for the time being unaffiliated with any university institution.…

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Pack warm socks and head out!

Great music-making and total silence: a semester in Finland

Rafaela Seywald is studying orchestral and choral conducting at the mdw, theoretically in her fifth year. At the moment, however, she is on leave, because since September 2021 she has been working as a stage-music conductor and prompter-conductor at the Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich.…

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“By creating new worlds referring to the one that surrounds me I am able to live a number of different lives”

Benjamin Konjicija, 24 years old, spent the summer semester 2021 at the mdw at the Filmakademie. He grew up in a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina called Fojnica, not far from Sarajevo. Currently, Benjamin lives in Sarajevo and is a fourth-year student at the Dramaturgy Department of the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo, where he learns about writing for film, theatre, and radio.…

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Erasmus – and that during a pandemic?

mdw-student Lukas Hartmann about his semester abroad in Valencia

Do you know the feeling? Maybe you’re right in the middle of preparing for an exam or in an intensive rehearsal phase. Your to-do list seems endless. You are completely immersed in the musical and technical world of the upcoming performance.…

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