First warm days in southern Sweden

An Erasmus teaching visit to the Högskolan för Scen och Musik (Academy of Music and Drama) in Gothenburg, Sweden, from 23 to 26 May 2022 At the invitation of Tobias Granmo, professor of violin and director of the Chamber Music Institute at the academy, I held a three-day workshop in non-idiomatic improvisation for students studying various instruments in the bachelor’s and master’s programmes.…

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The Quest for Passion

Dialogue and interaction between musicians from Austria and India

Our trip to India coming all the way from the “famous European culture” but also as a human being was definitely a life-changing experience! And exactly that was supposed to be the goal of this wonderful project by Marialena Fernandes. The motto is “QUEST FOR PASSION”: We’ve been searching for the goal of playing music, playing alone or together, singing or simply enjoying it.…

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Gastkonzert in Hiroshima

Wir (Naomi Luther, Flöte, und Martin Zayranov, Geige) wurden ausgewählt, nach Hiroshima zu fliegen, um dort die jährlich stattfindenden Konzerte in Gedenken an den Atombombenabwurf im Zweiten Weltkrieg zu spielen. Organisiert wird dieses Projekt von der Universität Hiroshima, von welcher auch eine Gruppe Studierender die Konzerte gemeinsam mit uns bestritt.…

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