European Chamber Music Academy in Grafenegg, Austria

A week of action, comedy and drama

Perhaps some of you are familiar with the concept of ECMA and what an ECMA session is. For those of you who are not, let me quickly explain before I launch into (what will probably end up as) a praise of the latest session in Grafenegg – I am a fan of ECMA and I cannot help it!…

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From Austria (no kangaroos) to Australia (with kangaroos)

My seven-month-stay in Melbourne

I recently had the opportunity to be the very first Music Therapy student at the mdw to undergo an exchange program for one semester of my course. This was and still is a great honor but also, as you might read between the lines, – the very first means I had to figure out everything by myself, because no one had walked that path before I did.…

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Between pop music and opera

A coming-of-age story of classical music about mdw graduate Organ Prawang and her home country Thailand

I arrived in Vienna in 2012 with a scholarship of the Österreichischer Austauschdienst ÖAD (Austrian Student Exchange Office). Initially I was prepared to study in Vienna for nine months as an exchange student. Well, I have been living here for four years by now, so you could say that I really love this city but let’s start at the very beginning.…

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Studieren am Sydney Conservatorium of Music

The university of Sydney

Ich war im Sommersemester 2015 am Conservatorium in Sydney. Das Studieren dort ist in manchen Bereichen sehr unterschiedlich zur mdw. Das Con ist sehr klein: Es besteht aus einem einzigen Gebäude. Manche Institute oder Instrumentengruppen sind sehr, sehr klein oder schwach vertreten.…

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