Gastkonzert in Hiroshima

Wir (Naomi Luther, Flöte, und Martin Zayranov, Geige) wurden ausgewählt, nach Hiroshima zu fliegen, um dort die jährlich stattfindenden Konzerte in Gedenken an den Atombombenabwurf im Zweiten Weltkrieg zu spielen. Organisiert wird dieses Projekt von der Universität Hiroshima, von welcher auch eine Gruppe Studierender die Konzerte gemeinsam mit uns bestritt.…

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Off to Salzburg and Vienna

A visit to “the Land of Mozart”

On my 10th birthday my parents offered me the choice of a visit to Disneyland Paris or to “the Land of Mozart”. Needless to say I didn’t give it a second thought and we were off to Salzburg and Vienna – little did I know that I would be back twelve years later staying in both cities so close to where Mozart and Beethoven once lived!…

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My wonderful time in Lyon

So many things to get to know, to learn, to experience

Whenever I remember my Erasmus year in Lyon, I get a big smile on my face… It was a very interesting year of mine! I had so many things to get to know, to learn, to experience. In Lyon studies normally start in September but since I had an important concert in Vienna I was a bit late to arrive there only in October.…

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