Covid-19: Control Measures

The health of our participants and scientists is very important to us. Therefore, our experiments are only carried out under strict safety rules that are in line with the current situation and legal requirements.

We conform to the guidelines of the Austrian government as well as to the safety guidelines of mdw to provide for the prevention of COVID-19 spreading.

Air filtering or air-disinfection may help to make the laboratory sessions even safer for the experimenters and the participants, as they clean the air from suspended matter such as pollen or dust and aerosols. For that purpose we use two filter systems. One is based on the ionic-filtering method and one is a HEPA-filter system.

On the left the ionic-filter is displayed.

In order to guarantee the disinfection in our laboratory without damaging the instruments with bleaching agents added by disinfectants, we use 96% alcohol when handling sensible musical instruments.

For further information regarding the handling of specific musical instruments in time of COVID-19 we recommend a review of the guidelines of the Freiburg Institute for Musicians’ Medicine, Germany.