Harmonising Melodies and Memories: A Musical Journey Through Chile

posted by Martina Stückler on February 28, 2024

In November 2023, I embarked on a captivating concert tour coupled with enriching teaching engagements across the breathtaking landscapes of Chile. This musical journey led me through the vibrant cities of Santiago, La Serena, Concepcion, and Valparaiso, where I had the opportunity to perform with my ensemble, the AUREUM Saxophone Quartet, in diverse concert places, but also to share some of my knowledge in engaging workshops.

Collaborating with institutions such as the Universidad de Chile and the Deutsche Schule La Serena, I had the privilege of conducting workshops tailored for diverse age groups. These sessions weren’t just about playing the saxophone, but rather represented an immersive exploration into the essence of music. Teaching became a dialogue, and the exchange of ideas created a connection with the students.

The cultural exchange was nothing short of magical, with the warm embrace of the Chilean people and the ever-changing scenery leaving a lasting impression on my memories. From the snow-kissed mountains of the Andes to the charming coastal towns, each location brought a new dimension to my musical journey.

The trip also exposed me to some of nature’s wonders. Witnessing whales in their natural habitat was a majestic encounter, a metaphorical crescendo in the symphony of experiences that Chile had to offer.

One of my most cherished highlights of the trip was the series of workshops conducted with students. Their happy faces and inquisitive minds as well as the creative sparks we ignited together will remain with me for a long time.

This journey wasn’t merely a concert tour. It was a harmonic convergence of melodies and memories, and I can’t wait to share them through the language of music.

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