SYMPOSIUM | 20.-22.4 2021 | The Harpsichord in the 16th century

Symposium, Workshops & Konzerte

universum rei harmonicae concentum absolvunt

The Harpsichord in the 16th century

Maria Luisa Baldassari, Andrés Cea Galán, Janie Cole, Vania Dal Maso, Christina Edelen, Fabio Antonio Falcone, Pawel Gancarczyk, Thérèse de Goede, John Griffiths, Domen Marincic, Corina Marti, Nicholas Parle, Heidelinde Pollerus, Ian Pritchard, Gwendolyn Toth, Catalina Vicens.

Plucked keyboard instruments and their repertoire between 1500 and 1600 have in recent times attracted increased interest by scholars and performers alike. However, much of the performance and research activities have been limited to specific repertoires and to individual performer/researchers and isolated groups in various countries. By bringing together scholars, performers and instrument builders and/or restorers, this international conference aims at contributing towards a more comprehensive perspective. This three-day conference will include papers, lecture recitals and workshops covering style, repertoire, and performance practice, as well as organology and (the history of) instrument building, the dissemination, musical function, and cultural significance of plucked keyboard instruments in the 16th Century.

Konzept & Organisation: Augusta Campagne, Markus Grassl


The conference will be held online.

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