SYMPOSIUM | Partimento – Realizing its Potential

12.-15.11. 2024

Symposium: Lectures, lecture recitals and workshops

Festsaal, Seilerstätte 26, 1010 Vienna

Keynote speakers: Robert Gjerdingen, John Mortensen, Peter van Tour

Speakers: Patrick Ayrton, Giovanna Barbati, Dirk Boerner, Robert de Bree, Jean-Christophe Dijoux, Fabio Antonio Falcone, Matteo Messori, Karin Nelson, Nicoleta Paraschivescu, Niels Pfeffer, Giorgio Sanguinetti, Markus Schwenkreis.

Lightning papers: Catherine Bahn, Deborah Longenecker, Mario Trilha, Nicola Canzano, Sean Curtice, Marco Pollaci

Partimento has seen a tremendous rise in popularity in the past years, both in the field of teaching practice and in academic research. The practice of partimento, in conjunction with solfeggio and counterpoint, provided musicians with a comprehensive set of skills, including singing, instrumental playing, basso continuo, improvisation and composition. Although the practice of partimento reached its zenith in Naples during the mid-18th century, the methods of teaching and acquiring such skills seem to be highly relevant in the 21st century again.

In bringing together many of the acclaimed experts, the Institute of Early Music of the mdw (in collaboration with the Department of Organ, Organ Research and Church Music, the Ludwig van Beethoven Department, and the Department of Piano) aims to widen the discussion and highlight the potential of partimento, both as a pedagogical tool and as a performance practice in its own right.

10:00–13:00 Workshops (13.–15.11)

14:00–18:30 Lectures and Lecture Recitals

19:00–21:00 Harvest Time

The afternoon sessions will be streamed.

The conference will be free of charge, but listeners will need to register by sending an email to

Magdalena Hasibeder, Augusta Campagne, Erich Traxler, Iason Marmaras, Dimitri Bondarenko and Sobin Jo.