Tricky Moments

How can teaching be rendered a safe space for everybody?
What defines good teaching practices at a university of the arts?
Which specific situations of teaching and learning exist at mdw?
How to critically reflect personal practices of teaching?

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Tricky Moments

Sensitive moments can arise throughout all situations of teaching and learning. Teaching situations are embedded in societal and institutional structures and therefore affected by power relations. Our Tricky Moments depict fictional teaching situations inspired by actual experiences of teachers and students. They invite us to become consciously aware of our personal situations of teaching and learning and to critically reflect upon them.

Tricky moments point towards sensitive situations in teaching practice.
Tricky moments render apparent fuzzy contexts and structural inequalities.
Tricky moments reveal the various positions present in specific situations and suggest possible activities for individuals.

Is my being like this relevant?

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I want you to crawl on the floor like an animal!

Discover the Tricky Moment

Ideas to Act on

Here you can find a compilation of possible activities for successful teaching and learning practices, methodical tools for classroom practice as well as a collection of resources.

Each Idea to Act on conveys more nuanced knowledge in relation to various aspects of teaching attuned to diversity.
Every Idea to Act on offers specific methodical tools for individual areas of teaching and learning practices.
Ideas to Act on encourage teaching staff to reflect upon and develop their educational approach and pedagogical attitude.

About the Webtool

Teaching situations are embedded in societal and institutional structures and always affected by power relations. At universities of the arts, strict admission requirements and a severely limited number of students generate exclusivity and induce competitiveness. Competencies in gender and diversity allow for the design and realization of teaching and learning situations characterized by being gender equitable, inclusive and critical of discrimination. Actively contributing in that way to diversity attuned teaching and learning.

By encouraging reflection on a variety of teaching and learning situations, Tricky Moments and Ideas to Act on therefore aim at creating equitable opportunities, participation and diversity in order to bolster teaching quality.