Tricky Moments

The Tricky Moments which follow represent fictional teaching situations inspired by actual experiences of teachers and students. They invite us to become consciously aware of our personal situations of teaching and learning and to critically reflect upon them.

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I want you to crawl on the floor like an animal!

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Haydn was anything but gay!

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Is my being like this relevant?

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Is it okay to be defined by my body?

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What is a Tricky Moment?

Here is a short summary of how we understand the concept in this webtool.

Tricky moments point towards sensitive situations in teaching practice.
Tricky moments render apparent fuzzy contexts and structural inequalities.
Tricky moments reveal the various positions present in specific situations and suggest possible courses of action for individuals.

Following a description of the situation which reproduces the possible incident, the events are contextualized and different perspectives are rendered visible. In doing so, individual positions and their interconnectedness become apparent as well as the structures they are embedded in. By offering various Ideas to Act on, teachers and students alike are supported, sensitized and strengthened.

Sensitive moments can arise throughout all situations of teaching and learning.