Erasmus+ Day on 10 May 2017

30 Years of Erasmus

10 May 2017 marked the day of Austria’s turn to celebrate the ERASMUS+ Day, commemorating 30 years from the initial launch of the famous European flagship programme with a series of events taking place in different cities.

30 Years of Erasmus

The mdw’s special contribution took the form of an original composition for soprano, flutes, cello, double bass and piano, which was perfomed yesterday for the very first time at the opening festivity organized by the OeAD National Agency in Vienna’s nearby Sofiensäle.


The composer is Shin Kim, an incoming student from South Korea (currently in the class of Prof. Karlheinz Essl), who was able to write his piece “Wind blows…and gathers” in only seven days. According to the composer, the piece was inspired by the random nature of the wind that gathers particles and scences from all over the world, just like serendipity often plays a part in study experiences abroad.

Group photo
F.l.t.r.: Brigitte Helbig (Piano), Will Raftery (Cello), Rebecca Blanz (Soprano), David Barlow (Double Bass), Alejandro López Cordero (Flutes), Victor Ciulian, Prof. Jaime Wolfson, Shin Kim

Prof. Jaime Wolfson was in charge of the project’s musical supervision and conducted yesterday’s performance with great success. The performing ensemble consisted of former as well as current incoming students of the mdw:

  • Rebecca Blanz (currently in the class of Prof. Regine Köbler, former ERASMUS+ student from Detmold),
  • Alejandro López Cordero (ERASMUS+ student from Granada, studying with Prof. Walter Auer),
  • Will Raftery (incoming student from Sydney, class of Prof. Maria Sellner),
  • David Barlow (also from Sydney, class of Prof. Alois Posch) and
  • Brigitte Helbig (ERASMUS+ student from München, class of Prof. Johannes Marian)

The project was coordinated by the International Office of the mdw (Bojana Tesan, Victor Ciulian) and co-funded by the OeAD-GmbH.

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