Harpsichord (performance)

Master’s Degree Programme

Entrance examination for winter semester 2024/25: 11.6.2024

Registration period for entrance examination: 01.03.2024 – 15.05.2024

  • Duration: 4 semesters
  • Graduation as a: Master of Arts (MA)
  • Prerequisite: successful entrance exam; prior completion of a thematically related bachelor’s degree or diploma programme; documentation of German skills (please see “Information on Entrance Examinations”)

The focus of this full-time course of study is on practice-oriented and academically grounded professional training as a harpsichordist on the basis of the harpsichord-related competencies acquired in the bachelor’s degree programme. This flexible master’s degree programme offers harpsichordists the opportunity to specialise in accordance with their personal interests and talents. A key objective here is to cultivate independent approaches to interpretation.

There are two artistic major subjects (Harpsichord and Basso Continuo), of which students choose one as their major (2 hrs./week) and one as their minor (1 hrs./week).

Alongside the provision of specialised training, this programme of study also supports the development of independent artistic personalities.

By expanding students’ repertoires, helping them to explore various musical areas in depth, and having them engage in reflection on artistic and/or artistic and scholarly phenomena as part of their artistic or scholarly MA theses, this program equips students with individual specialisations and a high degree of artistic maturity.