Preparatory Programme Harpsichord

This preparatory programme is designed to prepare to apply for the regular degree programme.

  • Duration: 6 semester
  • Registration period for entrance examination: 15.02.2023 – 03.05.2023
  • Entrance examination date: 13.6.2023
  • Programme fee: Participation in preparatory programmes is free of charge.
  • Prerequisites: successful entrance exam; minimum age: 15 (cutoff date: 1 October); maximum age at completion: 18 (cutoff date: 30 September)
  • Information on Entrance examinations: PDF [ger] | PDF [en]
  • Curriculum: PDF
  • Course offerings in mdwOnline

Applying for this Programme of Study

  1. The document “Information on Entrance Examinations” (download link above) informs you about what you need to prepare for this examination. Some documents (such as your exam programme) need to be uploaded as part of the online registration process.
  2. Please set up an applicant account in mdwOnline if you don’t already have an mdwOnline account from another mdw programme of study.
  3. Log into your account, click on “Entrance Exam Registration”, and then on the link “Enter new application” at the upper right. Follow the instructions that appear. If you can’t find a particular programme of study in the online registration system, it means either that the registration deadline has passed or that registration is not yet possible!
  4. Important: If you are a citizen of a “third country” (from a country not belonging to the EU/EEA; exceptions: Switzerland and Liechtenstein), please inform yourself in a timely manner concerning the applicable requirements for entering and staying in Austria.
  5. Once you’ve registered to take the entrance exam, you’ll receive an E-mail that informs you of your assigned exam date.
  6. Take the entrance examination. Remember to bring along a photo ID.

After the Entrance Examination

  1. You’ll receive the results of your entrance exam by E-mail.
  2. If you have passed the entrance exam, you’ll still need to register in order to be enrolled and commence your studies at the mdw. You can do so by visiting the Studies Center within the admissions period; please bring along your passport or personal ID.
  3. You can find out about the further steps you need to take in the brochure “New at the mdw?”.