Master’s degree programme

Entrance examination for winter semester 2024/25: 10.6.2024

Registration period for Entrance examination: 01.03.2024 – 15.05.2024

  • Duration: 4 semesters
  • Master examination afther the 4th semester
  • Graduation as a: Master of Arts (MA)
  • Prerequisite: successful entrance exam; prior completion of a thematically related bachelor’s degree or diploma programme; documentation of German skills (please see “Information on Entrance Examinations”)

The master’s degree in recorder at the MDW serves to improve and complement the scientific and artistic vocational training based on bachelor’s studies.

The master’s degree in recorder aims to achieve practical qualifications as a professional musician and to train students who perform as strong, independent and innovative musician with an individual profile and who will have the high level of professional standards that meet the demands of modern music life.

By expanding the repertoire, deepening in musical areas as well as reflecting on artistic or artistic and scientific phenomena as part of the artistic or scientific master’s thesis, a specialization and high Artistic maturity.
At the center of the study is the development of the artistic personality, perfection of the instrumental and creative abilities, expansion and deepening of the repertoire.

The 4-semester master’s degree in recorder is a full-time and classroom course.