Christine Gnigler

Christine Gnigler studied recorder with Thomas List and historical bassoon instruments with Jennifer Harris.

In addition to early baroque, baroque and classical music she is also dedicated to playing contemporary and improvised music. At the moment she performs primarily with Vivid Consort and Ensemble Pneuma and is often involved in several classical or baroque opera and concert productions as a bassoonist. Her concerts have taken her all across Europe as well as to South Africa, Japan, Taiwan and Iran. She performed at festivals such as Zoomfestival Wien, Wien Modern, Utrecht Early Music Festival, Bach Festival Luzern, Istanbul Music Festival and Heidelberger Frühling.

In 2016 she started the Open Stage for Early Music Vienna (Open Stage für Alte Musik Wien), which is a platform for early music and its artists.

Her most recent composition “Close enough to exist apart” can be heard on the CD Fraufeld Vol.1 by the label Freifeld. The same label also published Vivid Consort’s debut album called “Bitter fruit”. Christine Gnigler holds a scholarship of the New Austrian Sound of Music program for her work with Vivid Consort as well as Ensemble Pneuma.