Voice Matching and Choristers’ Body Motion

This study focuses on the sensation of voice matching that choristers feel during ensemble singing. In particular, we investigate how singing together with the best or worst perceived match relates to different aspects of choristers’ body motion. Fifteen choral singers were recruited for the study. First, participants changed the timbral features of a tune presented through a loudspeaker until they heard the recordings they felt most and not at all together with. Then they performed the same tune in unison and in canon along with the best and worst recordings they previously chosen. Audio and singers’ body motion of the singing performances were collected and analysed.

First results are published here:

D’Amario, S., Ternström, S., Goebl, W., & Bishop, L. (2023). Body motion of choral singers. Frontiers in Psychology, 14, 1220904. https://doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2023.1220904.