MTS-22: About

13–15 July 2022
mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
Vienna (Austria)


People experience togetherness when playing music together in professional, casual, educational, and therapeutic settings. Togetherness experiences make group music-making socially as well as aesthetically rewarding. How do togetherness experiences emerge and unfold in real-time? How are they supported by interpersonal dynamics in sound and body motion? Do audiences share in these experiences?

This symposium centers on how musical togetherness emerges in ensembles and how it is perceived by audiences. By bringing together academics, music performers, and educators, MTS aims to offer an interdisciplinary perspective on togetherness in ensemble performance. Relevant disciplines include psychology, music performance, music technology, music education, sociology, ethnomusicology, audio engineering, acoustics, and computer science, among others.


We welcome submissions relevant to ensemble performance, including but not limited to the following research areas:

  • Ensemble performance and perception
  • Interpersonal dynamics
  • Bodily interactions
  • Performer–audience interaction
  • Teacher–student interaction
  • Temporal synchronization
  • (Non)-verbal communication
  • Methods for studying ensemble playing