Musical Togetherness Symposium, July 2022
Last Togetherness-Team-Meeting: Werner Goebl, Sara D’Amario, Laura Bisop & Anna Niemand

The MTS design is ready. We would like to thank Seraina Brugger very much for creating these wonderful materials for us!

Vocal matching study: A collaboration with Sten Ternström
Singing in the mind: Data collection complete for a new study on vocal imagery

SINGING IN THE MIND – We finished the data collection for our new study and want to thank all the wonderful musicians that came and sung in and outside their minds for us!
Have a look on how the task was done and what the setup looked like in the video with one of our singers.

Togetherness Project features in the mdw magazine

Zusammen in der Musik?

Audience judgements of togetherness in recorded duo performances: Data collection underway for a new study in autumn 2020

This study examined the cues that audiences use to judge togetherness in recorded duo performances. We used eye-tracking to test which parts of the performers’ bodies the participants attended to.

Interpersonal interaction in piano-singing duo performances: A pilot-study conducted in August 2020

This pilot investigated interpersonal interactions between musicians during piano-singing duo performances. We recorded audio, heart rate, gaze, and body motion simultaneously during music performances. The purpose of the pilot was to test a new method and recording set-up for examining behavioural and physiological markers of togetherness in an ecologically valid setting.

First Togetherness Team Meeting in Vienna in August 2020.
from left to right: Anna-Maria Niemand, Dr Sara D’Amario, Dr Laura Bishop, and Prof Werner Goebl.