Get Involved

Adults with and without a formal musical background are very welcome to take part in our studies.

We are currently recruiting participants for the following studies:

Voice matching in choral singing

Singers with extensive classical choral experience are invited to participate in an experiment on voice matching. Sing along with a recording while audio, physiological data, and body motion are measured. The study is planned for 13-17 Dec 2021. Please get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.

Previous studies
Interpersonal Interactions in Piano-Singing Duos

Make music together with a partner whilst some acoustic and physiological data are recorded. This performance study will take place at our research lab at mdw, and will include 2 performance sessions (each session will last around 2 hours). You will receive 200 euro compensation for your time, after successful completion of the second session. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.

Interactions between Musicians in Ensemble Performances: A Survey

If you are a current student or recent graduate of mdw, we would appreciate your insight in this survey regarding interactions in ensembles. The survey will take only around 5 minutes to complete, and can be done online. Your responses will be valuable in this research, and might help scientists to shed some light on the factors boosting cohesion in music ensembles. To complete the survey, click HERE.

Perception of Togetherness

Evaluate how much togetherness you perceive in recorded duo performances. This experiment takes about 1 hour. You will get a 20 euro compensation (or the equivalent in your local currency) after completing the task. To take part to the study and complete the task, please schedule an appointment HERE.